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How a Geriatric Care Manager Solves Elder Problems

Growing old comes with its own set of problems. From managing finances in retirement, to ensuring health needs are met, the common problems for elders are often best served with preparation and a hands-on approach to elder care. Now there is a law firm in Connecticut offering a specialized service that can help you solve problems for the elders in your lives. The Northeast Connecticut Law Center has a team headed by a Geriatric Care Manager with lawyers ready to assist with legal and financial solutions to solve problems with their health, their finances, and their life care needs. The goal of this new service is to give elders the best final years possible.

We want to do more than just pick up the pieces after a crisis. Our Geriatric Care Manager and elder law attorneys can help elders and their loved ones take a proactive approach to problem-solving. The goals of this new program are keeping the elder loved one at home and stretching the family’s finances by finding the best price for services needed so assets are available over the long term. To learn more about this program, call us at 860-928-2429 in Putnam or click here to fill out a contact form on our website and send it in to get the conversation started.

Planning for Future Physical Care, Mental Health, and Financial Well Being

Failing physical and mental health is a common problem for elders. Degenerative conditions and chronic health problems can add up and leave elders less able to do all they once did. Medical advances allow many elders to function physically and mentally further into their adult years. However, conditions from bone loss, vision and hearing loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s, and the loss of mental acuity forces elders to rely on their family, friends, and health care professionals to meet the needs of daily life.

Quite often, a health emergency occurs with the elder which causes the family to realize that the elder’s life needs are changing fast. As the elder is released from the hospital, health care professionals urge the family to consider the question of keeping the elder at home where there is the most comfort or placing the elder in a nursing home where there is the best and speediest medical care. This dilemma typically starts the family’s search for the best solution. This is where our Geriatric Care Advocacy Team quite often enters the scenario.

Our Geriatric Care Manager meets with the elder and family to assess the situation, in terms of health care needs and financial ability. Here is where the experience and wisdom of our Geriatric Care Manager comes into play. With 15 years of elder care experience, she understands and can explain the public and private resources available, the differences between them and the qualifications for them. She has an unparalleled knowledge of prices and availability so she can match needs with resources in a way that produces solutions that are financially sound and that stretch the assets for maximum value.

Working with our Geriatric Care Advocacy Team can help the elder and the family prepare for the inevitable. When a diagnosis is received or an elder recognizes some declining ability, we can help create a comprehensive plan for the elder’s physical, mental, and legal health. Initial questions can include topics such a Will, Advanced Directives, Estate Plan, or a Trust to ensure the plan is honored. We can also provide ongoing support to families whose parents and grandparents find themselves needing additional services, helping them to explore their options, and meeting the needs of the elder as time marches on.

Managing Nursing Home Care and Financial Concerns

Another common problem for the elderly is finding and financing high-quality nursing home care or in-home support. While only about three percent of all seniors live in nursing homes and assisted living facilities1, many more rely on professional help to live comfortably at home.

Choosing the right kind of care can be a puzzle all on its own. With a staggering number of private and public options offering different levels of care, it can be hard to know which solution is best for the elder. Add to that the fact that many seniors are resistant to getting the help they need. When you are facing overwhelming options, our Geriatric Care Advocacy Team can come to your aid, providing you the knowledge and experience to understand the options and costs and potential outcomes.

All that care comes at a cost, as well. Elders who have not thought ahead about their end-of-life care can find themselves in financial crisis, just when they should be most focused on their health. Our elder law attorneys can help by preparing a unique plan for the elder to pay for a nursing facility or in-home health care using a combination of trusts, insurance options, and government programs like Medicare, and Medicaid so that you don’t have to worry if you will have the funds to pay for the care you need. This is an area where our elder care manager and elder law attorneys work together to find the best solution for each particular elder and his or her situation.

Responding to Elder Abuse and Inappropriate Care Choices

Isolation is one of the biggest problems facing elders in Connecticut and across the country. When health and distance keep elders from connecting with family and friends, it can make it hard to know when things are not as they should be. Unfortunately, far too many seniors fall victim of elder abuse by relatives or professional caregivers. This is especially common when a senior’s family lives far away and is unable to observe the elder’s day-to-day care. Whether a situation is as severe as elder abuse, or is simply a matter of inappropriate care choices, Our Care Geriatric Advocacy Team can be trusted to step in and evaluate a situation to see if there is a problem. Our elder care manager can assess the care your loved one is receiving, versus what he or she really needs, so that the family can make the best choices.

Use Our Elder Care Advocacy Team to Assist and Shield Your Elders

We know common problems for the elder today are not solved only on paper. That’s why we have assembled this team of experienced, skilled and experienced elder law and elder care professionals to help our clients make the right choices to care for their loved ones. Our elder law attorneys Alyson Aleman and Frank Herzog have personal experience and professional expertise in the care of elders. Frank’s personal experience as a long-time caregiver of his own elderly mother and Alyson’s professional experience as a social worker give them unique perspective.

Now we are happy to announce our experienced Geriatric Care Manager provides an umbrella of professional services with the goal of keeping elderly family members at home and meeting their home health-care needs. When it comes time to consider assisted living or nursing home options, our Geriatric Care Manager’s vast knowledge of Connecticut care facilities and services can help you and your family sort through all the options and make smart decisions. To learn more about this program, call us at 860-928-2429 in Putnam or click here to fill out a contact form on our website and send it in to get the conversation started.

[1] “65+ in the United States: 2010”, Loraine A. West, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, June 2014.

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