Our Business Law Attorneys Develop Corporate Care Plans to Safeguard Businesses of all Sizes

Our Corporate Care Plan is designed to give the business owner peace of mind.

Businesses today face a variety of challenges in addition to their normal functions of service or product delivery, profitability, human resources, sales and marketing. Our Corporate Care Plan is designed to lift the additional burden of regulatory compliance, succession and disability planning, insurance planning, asset protection and shielding the company from possibility liability. As a member of our Corporate Care Plan, you can rest assured that your legal documents, policies and procedures will evolve with your business. The goal of this plan is for your attorney to become a trusted advisor in your business who is dedicated to protecting it, nurturing it and helping to evolve it while you are busy managing it.

There are many aspects to our Corporate Care Plan. Below, we have highlighted some of the major features of this special service.

The Goal of our Business Law Attorneys is to Give you Peace of Mind

Most business owners only dream of having peace of mind, but we can take over some of the heavy lifting. As a member of this plan, you will have ongoing access to our legal team. We are readily available to answer your questions during business hours via phone, email or in person. At your request, a priority appointment will be scheduled with a member of our team as soon as possible, but at the latest, within 72 hours of your request, and perhaps sooner.

Our Business Law Attorneys Host Your Key Business Persons Meeting

We will host a meeting with your key managers and professional advisors to provide an opportunity for you and your staff to sit down together to discuss your legal plan, so everybody understands it. Questions to your professional advisors can be answered. This provides a platform for identifying any potential issues or problems that should be addressed. You may call this meeting at any time, and it can be held at your business or at our legal firm. To keep you informed, we will send newsletters featuring articles and discussions of topics pertinent to your business. Also, we will host workshops and seminars on specific areas of interest to you and to keep your staff informed. 

The Corporate Care Plan is Designed to Ensure that the
Personal Assets of the Owner are Shielded

We will prepare a custom asset protection plan for the owner or owners, to shield as much as possible, his, her or their assets from liability. This plan will be updated annually.

Our Business Law Attorneys Collaborate and Communicate with Your Professional Team

As a member of our Corporate Care Plan, we will gladly collaborate and communicate with your accountant, insurance broker, the Department of Revenue Services, the Department of Labor and the IRS, etc. at no additional charge.

Legislative Updates and Document Updates by Our Business Law Attorneys

Just as your company evolves, so do the laws change. As a member of our Corporate Care Plan, at no additional charge, we will:

  • Notify you when the laws that affect your business change;
  • Review and update your company’s legal documents accordingly and provide a compliance checklist;
  • Invite you to social and educational events that we host, and
  • Provide free notary services at our offices.

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