The Northeast Law Center is the Largest Law Firm in Windham County​

Welcome to the newest old law firm in northeastern Connecticut, Northeast Law Center. We are five partners who came together to bring an array of practice areas that complement each other. We offer a one-stop situation for solving a variety of legal challenges for the convenience of our clients.

Our founders served northeast Connecticut since 1925. The founding members of the firm were Arthur Kaminski, who formed a partnership with Tom Borner, and Joseph Smith and Paul Smith, the current Paul Smith’s grandfather and father. The current firm has been in existence since 1980 when it was led by Tom Borner.

Northeast Law Center
L to R: Alyson Aleman, Frank Herzog, Tom Borner, Paul Smith, Kate Cerrone

We Are Local and Community Involved

Each of the Northeast Law Center partners has between 12 and 30 years of experience. We bring the qualities of a large law practice to northeastern Connecticut, operating as a small firm from two offices, one in Putnam, the other in Killingly. Each of us does extensive community work. People here know us; their families are familiar with our families. When you retain us, you get someone who is committed to understanding you and your family. And, we will be here in the future as we have been in the past.

Most people who meet us feel that the fit is right. The fit has to be right, like when selecting a doctor. Come in and visit us, we will make you feel like our extended family.

Each practice area is headed by a partner. However, we use a team approach so all your legal needs are met. We collaborate to resolve client problems in a cooperative, efficient, and timely manner. This helps our clients save time and money, but also, reduces frustration and irritation. We seek positive, enriching and fulfilling solutions in harmony and self-confidence. Our clients tell us that they enjoy the professional experience that we offer.

Smooth and Efficient Best Describes Our Law Practice

Even though we each have a different practice area focus, we also each have experience in the practice areas of the other partners. This leads to smooth working relationships and a level of understanding of each other and each area of the law. We’ve been friends and colleagues right here in Northeastern Connecticut for many years. As a result, we can use the strong bonds between us, to flatten the learning curve and more quickly focus on solutions and resolutions that clients need.

Meet Our Northeast Law Center Lawyers

Tom Borner serves as co-counsel to all practice areas. He has his own clients, as well, with whom he has long-term, ongoing relationships.

Paul Smith oversees the real estate department. All of our attorneys are skilled in real estate. We help negotiate the best possible deals for people who are buying and selling their homes and commercial property. We help clients navigate the complexities of real estate transactions. We all serve family owned businesses and companies throughout eastern Connecticut as representatives of developers and small businesses in their real estate needs.

Alyson Aleman and Frank Herzog manage the estate planning, elder law, and probate practice areas. They help people who want to protect their assets, are concerned with the high cost of long-term care and the quality of their lives as they age, and those who wish to avoid probate through estate planning and trusts. They also help people distribute their assets and protect future generations through trusts and other asset protection strategies.

Kate Cerrone manages the business law and litigation practice area. She helps business clients develop succession plans so they don’t have to worry about their businesses when they retire or become disabled or die. When our clients get sued, Kate stands ready to protect and defend them in court. Beyond that, she helps business owners and managers solve their operational challenges, so they can realize a higher return on investment and avoid litigation.

Keep It Local

We practice law in many Connecticut counties including Hartford, New London, Tolland and Windham. Most all of us live in the local community, raising our families, enjoying the beauty of this area, doing community service and practicing law. Whatever is your legal need, we are ready to assist you. Give Northeast Law Center a call or click here to reach our Contact Us form. Fill it out and send it in to get the conversation started.