Our Medicaid Benefits Attorneys Help Clients Qualify and Apply for Government Benefits

Facing extensive healthcare costs is an experience realized by most seniors in Connecticut. Doctor visits become more frequent. Hospital diagnostic, surgical and rehabilitative stays occur. Seniors often have more prescriptions to fill and refill. And, it’s not just seniors. Families with relatives with special needs are equally challenged.

Many Connecticut residents of all ages face specific legal issues when faced with the possibility of obtaining government benefits to pay for healthcare, medical and rehabilitation costs. Many people in Connecticut worry that they do not have the funds to pay these expenses. We are here to help, we can explain how to qualify for Medicaid. Our Medicaid benefits attorney also help families with special needs relatives provide for a higher quality of life for them.

There are many details to consider when qualifying and applying for government benefits. Below are brief explanations of several relevant programs that we embrace. Call us for more details if you have questions about these and other programs.

Our Medicaid Benefits Attorneys Help You Pay for Healthcare Expenses

Medicaid provides health coverage to American children, pregnant women, parents, seniors and individuals with disabilities. Medicaid programs must follow federal guidelines, but they vary by state. For this benefit program, you must be a US national, citizen, legal alien or permanent resident. You must also be a resident of the State of Connecticut.

In Connecticut the Department of Social Services (DDS) runs the Medicaid program. Medicaid is different from Medicare, and each provides different benefits. When Medicare stops coverage, Medicaid benefits kick in.

There are strict rules for qualifying for Medicaid benefits. There is a look-back period to consider. If you are a senior who wishes to prepare for long-term care, the concept of asset protection is important. There are legal ways to qualify for this benefit to pay nursing home expenses even if you own a home and have a savings or retirement account. Let us help you with this aspect of planning for the senior in your life.

Our Medicaid Benefits Attorneys Can Also Establish Special Needs Trusts

When you pass away and leave funds to an heir with special needs, you likely will disqualify that person from receive government benefits. But this doesn’t have to happen. Special needs trusts can be used to create a fund to augment services not provided by government assistance programs like Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), while at the same time maintaining eligibility for these vital programs. A special needs trust can include funds for travel, entertainment, education, wheelchair-accessible transportation, advanced dental and medical care and more. In short, a special needs trust can make money available for services to maximize the quality of life of your loved one with special needs.

You should know that every government assistance program has its own set of rules. These rules can be extremely complicated. If a special needs trust is improperly designed or implemented, it can jeopardize your loved one’s eligibility for assistance from Medicaid and SSI. We have experience with trusts of all kinds. We solve many different challenges for our clients, including special needs trusts for disabled children and adults.

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