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Elder Care Advocacy
The objective of this new program is to give elders the best final years possible living independently.

Our Geriatric Care Manager

We have launched a new program designed to provide a holistic approach to elder needs. Our team is headed by a Geriatric Care Manager with 15 years of experience in elder care advocacy. She works in conjunction with our attorneys and other professionals to develop a comprehensive plan for elders that provides solutions on all fronts. The objective of this new service is to give elders the best final years possible living independently. The goals of this program are:

  • Keeping the elder at home, and
  • Maximizing the family’s finances by finding the best prices for, and combination of, services needed so assets are maximized over the long-term.

Our Elder Care Advocacy Team

Working with our Elder Care Advocacy Team helps the elder and the family prepare for the inevitable. When a diagnosis is received or an elder recognizes some declining ability, we can help create a comprehensive plan for the elder’s physical, mental, financial, and legal health. Initial questions can include topics such a Will, Advanced Directives, Estate Plan, or Trust to ensure the plan is honored. We can also provide ongoing support to families whose parents and grandparents find themselves needing additional services, helping them to explore their options and meeting the needs of the elder as time marches on.

Elder Care Advocacy and Geriatric Care Solutions and Connections in Connecticut

When you join our plan, you join our family. Not only will your elder and family be served by our Geriatric Care Manager, but also, by our elder law attorneys, Alyson Aleman and Frank Herzog, who each have hands-on experience with elder care. They are aided as needed by trusted professionals with whom they have working relationships.

This Law Firm Helps Solve Common Problems for the Elder and Family

The problems elders face can seem overwhelming. Physical and mental health starts to fail. Degenerative conditions and chronic health problems can add up and leave elders less able to do all they once did. Medical advances allow many elders to function physically and mentally further into their adult years. However, conditions from bone loss, vision and hearing loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s, and the loss of mental acuity, forces elders to rely on their family, friends, and health care professionals to meet the needs of daily life.


The Problem With Typical Geriatric Care Plans for Elder Care

We are committed to approaching our client’s issues in a holistic manner. This new program is designed to assist elders and their families in developing short-term and long-term solutions to their problems. As people age, they encounter a variety of issues. Many must navigate these alone. A person will work with health professionals to address medical problems, financial and tax professionals to address monetary issues, attorneys to address legal issues, and counselors to address social problems. Typically, these professionals don’t work together, producing individual plans that fail to take a comprehensive look at the elder’s wellness. When all work together, the elder achieves harmony rather than conflict. Our approach takes all these into consideration into a single plan for the short-term and long-term.

Our Geriatric Care Manager and Elder Care Advocacy Team Work Together When You Retain Us

It starts with an interview. Our Geriatric Care Manager meets with the elder and family to learn about the elder’s situation, needs, goals, and assets. This may include an in-home assessment.

Thereafter, our Geriatric Care Manager will use her vast knowledge of the local resources available to develop a short- term and long-term plans to fulfill the needs and achieve the goals of the plan, at the best price and within the timeframe and geographic range established.

During the initial planning process, Our Geriatric Manager meets with one of our elder law attorneys to discuss the needs of the elder and family regarding financial, legal, tax elements that may require attention in order to provide a holistic approach to problem-solving for the elder’s benefit.

After the plan has been established, our Geriatric Care Manager helps coordinate in-home care services. After the plan has been implemented, our Geriatric Care Manager performs a monthly check-in to answer questions, resolve problems, and adjust the plan as necessary.

When the elder eventually requires a highly skilled setting such as a nursing home, our Geriatric Care Manger will assist with finding the best facility and securing admission to it.

Our Fee Structure

There is annual membership fee to join this program. There is also a fee for the establishment of the short-term and long-term plan. The monthly check-ins are included in the annual membership fee. Attorney fees are separate. The initial consultation with an attorney is included in the annual membership fee.

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