Elder Law / Elder Care Plans for the Future

Elder Law is a significant area of our practice that is growing rapidly along with the area’s aging population.  The objective of elder care planning is to help seniors plan for their future financial stability and personal autonomy as they continue to age. 

After assessing a client’s situation, our elder care attorneys use the guidance of state/federal laws and programs to design and help manage a forward-looking, enriched elder care program.

Understanding potential outcomes and helping to shape protective strategies can also provide peace of mind to family members who want assurance that their aging loved ones will be provided with the best care possible throughout their lives. 

Key areas of Elder Law can include:

  • Asset Protection, Estate Planning, Trusts, Power-of-Attorney, Probate
  • Medicaid, disability and other long-term care planning issues
  • Guardianship, conservatorship and commitment matters, including fiduciary administration

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