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Elder Law is a unique area of our practice that addresses the issues faced by our aging population. We deal with quality of life issues, long-term care planning, nursing home problems, conservatorship, government benefits, asset protection, elder abuse, trusts, probate and estate planning. In other words, we are experienced in managing elder care to achieve the best possible outcomes for seniors and their families.

As parents grow older they face legal, financial and practical life issues. Caring for aging loved ones requires addressing these critical issues within a brief window of time, hopefully, before need, but also, in crisis situations when need supplants planning. When you are already providing care and assistance to a senior, a crisis can be overwhelming. We can help you, providing compassionate guidance and legal advice to bring some peace of mind to a seemingly chaotic situation.

There are many aspects to elder law. Below, we have highlighted some of the topmost concerns of seniors and their families.

Our Estate Planning Attorneys Help You Understand Estate Law

It is never too soon to begin thinking about long-term care for your parents or yourself. One secret they don’t tell you is that a good age to begin planning is just before age 50. That’s when insurance rates are still lower than when someone turns 55.

Our Estate Planning Attorneys Help with Trusts and Asset Protection

Long-term care insurance can preserve some assets for surviving family members, but keep in mind the coverage is not limitless. The healthier an individual is, and the earlier the long-term care insurance is purchased, the better off you will be. Before age 50, premiums are relatively low and payout will grow over time. This option to purchase long-term care insurance should be weighed carefully. There are many options to consider. Our elder law attorneys are here to help you through the evaluation process.

Our Estate Planning Attorneys Help with Wills

Get a will written or updated. Establish or update the estate plan. Prepare powers of attorney for financial and medical decision-making. Create a HIPAA authorization so health care providers understand who should be privy to the senior’s private information. In other words, make certain all the necessary vital documents that give legal authority to make decisions on behalf of a senior are in place before they are needed. Only in this way can the wishes of the senior be carried out without compromise. We can help you with all the documentation.

Our Estate Planning Attorneys Understand Estate Tax and Gift Tax Planning

It is important to protect whatever the senior has accumulated in terms of property, insurance, retirement benefits, savings, jewelry, artwork and anything of value. There are legal methods for transferring assets to heirs that are confidential and cost-saving when the senior passes on. Let us help you develop an asset protection plan for your loved one.

There are legal methods of qualifying for financial assistance from the government without losing the family home, burning through a savings account, or cashing in a life insurance policy. Qualifying for government assistance to pay for medical care or Veterans benefits is strictly regulated. Since Medicare does not pay nursing home costs beyond the first 100 days, it is important to know about Title 19 benefits available to seniors in need of assisted living or nursing home care. We can help you protect the assets of your senior so those funds can be used for his or her care or distributed to the heirs when the senior has passed away.

Government Benefits for a Variety of Situations

There are many government programs to help seniors and their families afford the expense of senior living. Medicaid is a federal health insurance program that pays medical bills for people and families with low income. Medicaid is different from Medicare, and each provides different benefits.

Veterans and some of their family members are entitled to government benefits that help pay for pensions, home loan guarantees, life insurance and burials. Another program offered is the VAA helps pay health care expenses. The services we offer to deal with eligibility and qualifying financial for these benefits are described on another page. When you leave an inheritance for someone with special needs and you pass away, that person could lose government benefits as a result. But, a special needs trusts can be created to benefit this person with special needs without losing the government benefits. Please click here to go to that page.

Life Care Planning for the Senior

When we work with seniors and their families, we like to take a holistic approach to the elements described above, so we can envision how it all works together. We review everything as a whole program to find ways that take advantage of the best available combination of options. We are committed to making sure that the life care plan we create for you is sustainable. This means that the care you need is affordable not only for the next six months, but also, further down the road. It is here, in this phase of the work, that we look at quality of life issues. Where’s the best place for the senior to live? What services should be set up to assist the senior? What are the social advantages and opportunities for the senior? All of these questions and more and examined and addressed. We want to ensure you and the senior receive the best possible care, the quality of life and the peace of mind that comes from having a plan in place for the near future and through the end of life.

For Us, It's a Personal Mission

We take a highly personal, holistic approach to the provision of elder law services. We use our myriad services to help our senior clients in all aspects of life, not just those that center on the law and finances. We are interested in more than just the law; we have educational backgrounds in social work and other similar fields. We consider our senior clients to be part of our family.

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